Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Fall-Colors Table Runner

A friend had a birthday yesterday, and I wanted make her a quick gift. She's very important to our family, so I wanted to be sure to celebrate her a little on her special day!

I put together this table runner for her, after being told that her favorite colors were fall-themed.

I based it off of a block from a quilt I started in high school, but I couldn't find the pattern so I just made my own measurements. I used 5 inch squares of the flowery print for the center, 2.5 x 5 inch strips of the dark brown, and 2.5 inch squares of the tan. 

This was a fun, two hour project (in between putting the baby down for a nap and playing with Micah).

I ended up with some wavy edges - I think the culprit is that I pulled on the binding too much when I was sewing it on. I'll work on that in my next project and see if I can reduce the waviness. 

Happy birthday, Kathy! 

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