Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Kitty Skirt for A Kitty Lover

My little girl has a thing for animals. She can't resist them.

She's always hugging our dog. She wants to pet every cat she sees.

Last week I placed an order from an online fabric store, and they ended up not having the amount of fabric I ordered (I understand how it happens, but it's frustrating). So, I had to get some of Lizzy House's Catnap line instead. I ordered a half yard of Kitty Dreams in White and a half yard of Purrfectly Happy in Cream.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the Kitty Dreams (on the left) - it's a really fun fabric, and I want to use it in just the right project! I'm thinking a dress for Audrey, but I don't want to decide too soon!

I whipped up this little elastic skirt for Audrey this morning from the Purrfectly Happy. It's very simple, just a rectangle closed with a french seam to reduce fraying, and then a simple elastic waistband.

Getting a good picture of this skirt was more difficult than actually making it! I'm telling you, this girl does not sit still unless she's sleeping or her brother is giving her a kiss.

Their daddy is going to be so proud!

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