Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Little Zipper Bag

Yesterday I started working on a crochet project - the Sunburst Granny Square Crochet-Along on Instagram. It's really fun so far - I've made 36 aqua magic circles, and 2 of them have the puff stitch ring on them - I intend to do a 12x12 afghan, so it's probably going to take me a long time! I'm thinking it'll be aqua, navy and white - maybe I'll add another color but I'm not sure yet.

This morning I stitched up a little zipper bag to hold my granny squares, yarn,crochet hook and scissors. This way I can take this project along with me in the car sometimes. For the bag, I used scraps that I had from other projects, and I really love how it came together! 

For the top half, I sewed up a herringbone pattern with 2" strips of scraps. The majority of the scraps are Bijoux by Bari J, but there are a few others in there too - including a solid gray, Joel Dewsberry Herringbone in aqua, and the pink nests fabric, which you can barely see, is by Sarah Watts. The floral that is in the center is one of my last scraps of NW Washington Shop Hop 2004 fabric, which is very sentimental to me. I love how it works in well with the other fabrics. The teal fabric on the bottom was leftover from Micah's quilt - which I'll finish some day! 

Inside I used one of Bari J's fabrics, Into the Wild, which I recently purchased at Pink Castle Fabrics. I've ordered from there a few different times - I like supporting small businesses, whether in a brick-and-mortar shop or online. I just placed another order for fabric to make some little dresses, and she is having a great sale - 20% off all skinny bolts. I got some of Allison Harris's Wallflowers for under $5 a yard! 

I had this zipper in my stash - I love a nice metal zipper. I'm slowly using up some of the supplies my mom had held onto for a long time. This zipper is navy, which I think goes well with the fabrics. Zippers intimidate me, but I think I"m getting the hang of it. This one is a little lopsided, but it was my first time using the zipper food on my machine, so I still think it's good.

This was a fun little project - I didn't use a pattern, but improvised as I went - a little bit of an adventure! 

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